Today’s Manufactured Home

Today’s Manufactured Home

Technically, a “manufactured home” is a residential dwelling built in an “off-site” production facility, which is transported to the customer’s site and installed with a minimum of on-site construction.


Both single and multi-section manufactured homes are delivered virtually complete, and are ready for occupancy after being secured to a foundation system.


Manufactured homes are built in accordance with exacting Federal construction standards (“The HUD Code”), and are transported an installed under state and local laws and regulations.


Today’s manufactured homes are the distant relatives of the “house trailers” or “mobile homes” of decades ago… and often inaccurately referred to as “modular homes”.


More and more potential home buyers are considering manufactured housing when making a housing change, due in part to recent advances in the quality, efficiency, safety and available options in today’s manufactured homes.


But, for the most part, potential home buyers recognize that their housing dollar buys more in terms of a manufactured home than in other possible housing options.